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Do Rain Gutters Add Value to Your House?

Do Rain Gutters Add Value to Your House?


Whether you are buying, selling, or upgrading the outside of your home, don’t forget about the rain gutters. Gutters that sag, leak, and rust can no longer perform their function, detract from your home’s appearance, can contribute to exterior damage, and will take away from the value of your home.

So, how can you prevent this from happening, and actually keep up the value of your home? The answer is right over your head; your rain gutters. They are your home’s silent security guards against water damage. This is true for both your roof and your home’s siding. While the annual rainfall in Los Angeles, Ventura, and all of Southern California, is not extremely high, gutters can show wear-and-tear from wind damage and the heat of the sun.

Another factor in gutter damage is the amount of acid in the rain, which can ruin the inside of the gutters and lead to leaks at the gutter seams. Gutters need the same amount of attention as you give to your roof, the downspouts, and how the rainfall is diverted away from your home. There are a number of ways that rain gutters can provide this added value to your home.

• Today’s gutter material is stronger, more durable, and rust resistant.
• By adding gutter shields or hoods, there is no need to risk bodily injuries by climbing on a ladder to clean out clogged gutters and downspouts.
• Most gutter material is available for seamless application. When the gutter material is not available for a seamless application, the joints can be soldered to eliminate weak points for water leakage.
• Gutter shields are not only maintenance free, which gives you a sense of security, they immediately add value to your home.

• A home with no gutters or poorly functioning gutters can greatly detract from the outside appearance of your home and bring down the value of your home.
• New color coordinated rain gutters, gutter shields, and downspouts can be custom designed to enhance the outside appeal of your home.
• Upgrades to rain gutters and downspouts add value to your home.

• Clogged gutters can cause ponding water to soak into, and erode, the underlayment, water resistant, roofing material. This allows the standing water to leak into your roof, run down the inside of your walls, and create water damage to crawl spaces or basements.
• New rain gutters can prevent the formation of ponding water that causes roofing weak spots and water damage.
• Adding cover shields to your gutters provides an extra protective layer against mold build up and roof damage.
• Upgrading your rain gutters will add years of life to your roof and will automatically add value to your home.

Whether renovating the exterior of your home, changing the style of your roof, adding rooms onto your home, or installing a new, covered patio or porch, always remember the rain gutters that will protect these improvements. It helps to understand how your rain gutter material and style will add aesthetic benefits to your home.

Rain Gutter Materials:
Rain gutters range in gauge thickness from .027 inch for 6-foot gutters to .032 inch for 7-foot gutters and are constructed from:

Vinyl – Lightweight, cost efficient, never corrode or rust, and available in a variety of long-lasting silicone polyester colors
Copper – Sturdy, durable, stand up to all weather conditions, add a distinctive touch of character and class to the home’s appearance, and upper end pricing for gutter material
Galvanized Steel – Stronger than vinyl or aluminum gutters, resist damage from falling objects or ladders, moderate pricing, and available in several different varieties
Stainless Steel – The Hercules of gutter materials, nearly indestructible, rust proof, long lifespan, and prices run moderate to expensive
Aluminum – Lightweight, available as sectional or seamless, rust resistant, cost efficient, and available in a variety of different Kynar and Hylar polyester paint colors

Rain Gutter Styles:

K-Style Gutters – These gutters are also known as OGEE (Old Gothic), shaped to resemble crown molding, and are available in a variety of designs to compliment classic or modern designed homes. They have flat backs and bottoms while the front side presents a decorative molding appearance. Sleek lined and angular roofs are best paired with straight faced gutters.

Half-Round Gutters – These gutters have a curved, U-shape appearance, are easily maintained, and add a striking beauty to classic Spanish- styled homes with rustic, stucco roof tiles. They add an elegant ambience to older homes, especially gabled roofs.

Box Gutters – Also known as square gutters, these rain gutters are deep and wide, and able to handle great amounts of water runoff. They add a sleek, smooth appearance that compliments modern, angular homes.

Your home is where you want to relax, not where you want to worry about what is going on above your head every time it rains or when there are strong winds. New rain gutters will eliminate those worries and provide your home with protection. So, do rain gutters add value to your house? In a word, yes.

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