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A downspout or leader is used to carry water from the gutter down to ground level, often directing the water to or towards a nearby sewer system. The water is directed away from the foundation of the building. Not only does this protect the foundation from costly water damage, it prevents water from accumulating in the soil, severely reducing the chances of problems with the structure or basement moisture problems.

Downspouts are usually rectangular in shape, and made of the same material as the gutters. They are usually two to three inches for a five-inch K-style gutter, however three to four inches is the preferred length, as they are better resist clogging and cleaning them is easier. It is important that downspouts are installed properly and routinely checked, to ensure the drain is free of debris and that the connection is tight.

3 or 4 inch Round Smooth finish Downspouts

Round downspouts are a nice clean look that can be used together with all of the available gutter shapes. Round downspouts come in all aluminum and steel color options. They are also available in Copper Samples are available upon request

2×3 Downspouts-Corrugated

Downspouts route the water which was collected in the rain gutters down to the ground and safely away from your homes foundation. Downspouts sometimes empty into an underground drain system. aluminum downspouts come in 2x3inch rectangular or 3 inch round. For larger roof areas or long gutter runs a high capacity 3×4 inch downspout is recommended.

2×3, 3×4 Smooth Downspouts

Are the downspouts you see on homes that still have the original gutters. When new gutters are installed some prefer the steel downspouts for strength. They are custom made by notching and folding the tube to create the bends. A down-side to these downspouts is the bends are much sharper and tend to clog up easier than elbow type downspouts.