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Rain Barrels

Do you have water restrictions where you live? Why not build a mini oasis in your home? Get a free water reserve through a cost-effective solution – rain barrels, which are becoming common practice more than ever before.

Key Features Include:

  • Practical
  • Beautiful
  • Eco-conscious

Rain Barrel Specifications

  • Holds up to 50 gallons of water
  • Manufactured from roto molded plastic
  • Garden hose included with on/off features
  • Screen guard included

How it Works

Rain barrels are conveniently placed at the tip of the downspout from rain gutters, to collect water when the rain falls. For the maximum benefit, use seamless rain gutters, which feature no cracks or connections.

There are additional options to drill a hole in the down spout, which can be closed off during colder climates.

A hose is attached to the barrel, where it can be conveniently turned off and on, based on the customer’s preferences.


  • Car Wash – save on water usage by washing vehicles with water collected during rainfall. Add filters to remove impurities if chosen.
  • Gardening – many customers remove or reuse the crown planter to grow tidy crops of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers.
  • Outdoor Cleanup – reuse collected water in rain barrels for cleaning outdoor spaces.

Come rain or shine, we’re guaranteed to offer quality rain barrels that satisfy customers.