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Gutter Rain Chains


Copper Rain ChainThink outside the box – of traditional rain gutter systems, and look into gutter rain chains.
These are artistic copper chains that serve the same purpose of the downspout – without looking the same.

Key Features:


  • Rain chains are in-built with attachments
  • Easy to install to current gutter systems
  • Manufactured with 100% pure copper
  • Mixes of copper and brass are available
  • Tons of chain styles to choose from
  • Longer rain chains touch closer to the ground

Rain Chain Benefits:


  • Peace – Feng Shui professionals install these Japanese inspired gems to the home, to add an air of serenity to outdoor surroundings. Homeowners can listen to the sound of rainfall puttering against sturdy metal.
  • Beauty – even without rainfall, these copper pieces will change color over time, and add style to the home’s exterior. It’s a great alternative to downspouts that are bulky and only functional. There are also several styles to choose from.
  • Gardening – the rain chain can be strategically placed over gardens for the purposes of watering and décor.
  • Fountain Effect – add a mini fountain from natural resources, and with the clip of an attachment.

Cookie cutter home designs are now the norm. Add beauty, character, and functionality that sets your home apart. Peruse the site for several copper finishes in rain chains, including aged copper chains, and complementary accessories such as copper bowls.

Available in:

    stainless steel
  • aluminum
  • copper
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