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Vinyl vs. Copper


Vinyl and copper rain gutters are practically on opposing sides of the spectrum. People who buy vinyl are looking for an inexpensive option that is easy to install with a reasonable life expectancy. Those who buy copper gutters are looking for a high-end material that is considered the luxury item in the world of rain gutters due to its unique color, amazing longevity and powerful performance. Both are great, but they serve very different purposes and buyers.


Vinyl Rain Gutters


  • This is one of the least expensive materials. This allows you to protect the house from rain and snow without breaking the bank.
  • Vinyl is incredibly easy to install because it’s relatively light and comes in sections that are simple to customize and add to the home. If you choose to have someone else install the gutters, then this ease can lead to lower installation costs.
  • Though it may require a special order, you can choose the color of your gutters. Copper gutters only come in one color.


  • Vinyl gutters won’t last as long as copper ones. They are expected to last 20 years in moderate climates, and extremely hot or cold climates can significantly impact the longevity.
  • These gutters are sectional. If the sections aren’t properly sealed, then the gutter might start leaking.


Copper Rain Gutters


  • If you properly maintain these gutters, then they can last as long as the home. No other material commonly used for gutters will last this long.
  • This unique material will add a beautiful shine to your house that very few homeowners can enjoy. It looks and performs like a luxury item.
  • Copper gutters will rarely leak because the sections are soldered together during installation. This is also an incredibly durable material that can better resist harsh rains and snows.


  • Copper gutters are the most expensive option. They are also very difficult to install, which will increase the cost even more.
  • Copper will fade into a green patina after several months or years. Some people like this color, but others hate it.

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