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Vinyl vs. Aluminum


It can be difficult to contrast vinyl and aluminum rain gutters because they seem very similar at times. They are both inexpensive, relatively easy to install and resist rust. Furthermore, both can easily be found in the most common gutter shapes, including K-Style and Square (or Box).

At the same time, they both have different strengths and weaknesses that you’ll have to consider before choosing the right material for your home. Vinyl is most commonly used with do-it-yourselfers because it’s so easy to install, but aluminum has been the most popular choice throughout the years.


Vinyl Rain Gutters


  • Vinyl is one of the easiest materials to install, largely due to its light weight and flexibility, making it the go-to choice for DIY projects.
  • This is the cheapest material out of all the available materials for rain gutters. However, initial savings are slightly diminished due to vinyl’s lifespan.
  • Aluminum can be loud when redirecting water, but vinyl is very quiet. You’ll barely hear water or snow running through the gutter.


  • Vinyl has a relatively short lifespan. If you live in a moderate climate and properly care for the material, then it can last up to 20 years. If you aren’t careful, then the vinyl can last less than 10 years.
  • These gutters have a tendency to bend from heavy rain or snow. They are not ideal for harsh climates.


Aluminium Rain Gutters


  • Resists rust and rotting like vinyl, but aluminum will also resist thinning. It’s very hard for hail or snow to wear the metal away.
  • Aluminum rain gutters come in over 25 different colors. This allows you to easily find the best color to match your house.
  • Aluminum gutters will last over 20 years in nearly any climate.


  • Though aluminum will not bend like vinyl, it will dent. Small dents won’t affect the gutter’s performance, but larger dents required skilled repairs.
  • Rapid temperature changes will cause aluminum to expand and contract. If the weather is too erratic, then this might cause a split or tear.
  • These gutters are typically coated with enamel that will chip with yearly wear and tear. Repainting will likely be required in order to maintain their initial appearance.

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