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Seamless Gutters vs Regular Gutters

Everyone understands the importance of gutters, and how they are necessary to protect homes from costly water damage. It’s also well known that gutters need to be cleaned and maintained, in order to keep them free of leaks and clogs. A clogged gutter system can cause a number of costly problems, such as a leaky roof, or gutters pulling away from the house. When installing new gutters you might wonder about whether to get regular sectioned gutters, or to go for the newer seamless gutters. This article should help you make an informed decision.

Traditional sectioned gutters are easy to put together. They must be correctly soldered at the joints, however, to avoid leaks. Regular gutters are available in a a wide variety of materials. These include aluminum, vinyl, copper, and steel. Steel is the strongest material, although it can be vulnerable to rust. Copper and aluminum don’t rust yet are still very strong. Either material should last a very long time if properly maintained. Vinyl gutters don’t last as long. They don’t rust, however, and are lightweight, cheap, and don’t require repainting, making them easier to maintain. Gutters come in two main sizes: five-inch and six-inch. The size you need can depend on the pitch and size of your roof, as well as the general climate in your area. No matter what the gutters are made of, however, and no matter the size, seams in regular gutters create places where debris can collect and build up. This can cause clogs, leading to big problems. 

Seamless gutters are stronger than regular gutters. They’re great for homes that have trouble with falling debris such as falling leaves. They come in the same sizes and materials as regular gutters. The difference is that instead of sections, the gutters come in a single piece that is cut and made on-site using a special machine.

Seamless gutters have less chance of leakage, although they require a professional to install them. They’re more expensive than regular gutters, however they generally last longer and require less maintenance than regular gutters, so this investment can be recovered over time.

So, which system is better? There are advantages and disadvantages to each, depending on your budget and the specific circumstances of your home. If you prefer a cheap DIY approach and really need to save money in the short-term, you may be looking at buying traditional gutters and installing them yourself. If you are looking at investing in your home for the long-term, however, and want something that lasts a long time and is more reliable, then you should look at professionally installed, seamless gutters. Although they cost more, they’ll usually pay for themselves in the long run because they require less maintenance and upkeep, and last a long time before needing replacement.