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How Are Seamless Gutters Constructed?


How Are Seamless Gutters Constructed?

As the name implies, seamless gutters are long gutters with no seams or breaks in them. Seamless gutters have been in use for decades, but recent technological advances have brought the associated advantages within reach of the majority of home owners. Seamless gutters only have seams on the inside and outside of corners, lessening the chances that the gutters could leak or break, and helping to prevent wood rot behind the gutter. Frequently, they also look more appealing than traditional gutters, as they require fewer hangers and connectors. The creation of seamless gutters involves some expertise as well as highly-specialized equipment. Each gutter section is formed from a single, flat piece of metal stock which is commonly aluminum, but copper is used as well.

When making seamless gutters, the size (five, six, or seven-inch) and style (K-style, box, half-round, etc.) of gutters must first be determined, as this will determine which machine is required (most machines only make one style of gutter). Next the color should be determined, as the actual metal stock can be chosen in a specific color rather than painting it afterwards.

To produce the seamless gutters, the metal stock is placed on the coil holder. The stock is then fed into the machine. The machine quickly forms the stock into the necessary gutter size and shape. The operator should be trained and experienced as the machine has long, powerful cutters. The machine cuts the gutter into the length necessary, which is calculated beforehand according to the building measurements. By doing it this way, each individual gutter is customized to perfectly fit the structure.

At Rain Gutter Pros, we have the equipment necessary to make your seamless gutters on-site. Feel free to contact us to learn more!

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