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Gutter Guards, Hoods, and Covers

Rain Gutter Pros offers gutter guard options that best suit your existing or planned gutter setup.

Gutter guards, hoods, and covers can be highly effective in deflecting leaves, pine needles and other debris that can clog downspouts. Different gutter guards work in different ways. For example, reverse curve gutter guards allow water into the gutter through a tiny slit, but direct leaves and debris to the ground. Mesh gutter guards use tiny holes to allow water in and keep debris out. Bottle brush guards direct leaves to rest on upright-facing bristles, while the water flows into the gutter underneath. Regardless which type of gutter is used, it is important that they are professionally installed, to ensure they function properly.

An investment in gutter guards can pay for itself, as it can reduce the number of professional cleanings necessary. Nevertheless, gutter guards are not completely fool proof and therefore it is recommended that even with them installed, rain gutters should be professionally cleaned at least once every two years.

Contact us to find out what gutter guard options make sense for your home.