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Aluminum vs. Stainless Steel


Aluminum is very commonly compared to galvanized steel since they offer practically the same benefits at a similar price range, but it’s rare to compare aluminum to stainless steel gutters. In fact, stainless steel is one of the least used materials due to its price, but it does have some unique benefits that might suit your home or needs. While aluminum is a popular material due to its consistent performance and low price, stainless steel is great for those who aren’t interested in maintaining their gutters as often or who like a material that always shines.



Aluminum Rain Gutters


  • Aluminum’s low price point makes it very popular with homeowners. Stainless steel costs about as much as copper, which is often double or triple the price of aluminum.
  • Easy installation due to its lightweight nature. You can also customize aluminum gutters for seamless construction. While you can also customize stainless steel, it will be much harder since it’s somewhat difficult to cut and work with.
  • You can choose from 25 different colors. Aluminum comes covered in enamel that is meant to protect it against rust. This enamel can come in red, blue, beige and many other colors.


  • Though aluminum resists rust fairly well, you will have to reapply the enamel every now and them for the best rust protection. Failing to do this will lead to decreased longevity.
  • Aluminum isn’t as tough as stainless steel. It can dent from hail, ice and even ladders.


Stainless_Steel_Rain_GutterStainless Steel Rain Gutters


  • Unlike aluminum and most other metal gutters, stainless steel will retain its high shine for many years. It will look its best even longer if you periodically clean the metal.
  • Stainless steel gutters won’t warp or crack from heat. Aluminum can suffer from thermal damage, but stainless steel can be used in even the harshest environments.
  • Aluminum is fairly resistant to rust, but stainless steel’s unique chemical composition makes it even more resistant.


  • Stainless steel can be heavy and hard to work with. Most do-it-yourselfers won’t like this material.
  • Its longevity isn’t much better than aluminum. This is an issue due to the overall expense.

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