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Aluminium vs. Galvanized


Comparing aluminium and galvanized steel rain gutters is easy, but contrasting them is a nightmare. They are often considered two sides of the same coin because they are nearly the same price; both resist rust, are quite durable and last a long time. At the same time, there are some small differences here and there that can help you make a decision on which one is best for your home. Aluminium is generally the most popular material, but galvanized steel is also dependable and nearly as popular.

Aluminium_Rain_GutterAluminium Rain Gutters


  • Aluminium gutters resist rust better than galvanized steel gutters, and the metal won’t thin over time.
  • Installation is fairly easy because aluminium is lighter than galvanized steel. While both materials can be customized to form seamless gutters, aluminium is slightly easier to work with.
  • Aluminium should last longer than galvanized steel. Galvanized steel is expected to last about 15 to 20 years, but aluminum should last over 20 years in the right environment.


  • Aluminium is durable, but it has a tendency to dent if hit by ladders, tree limbs, ice or hail.
  • Though it’s good with most environments, hot temperatures or rapidly changing temperatures can lead to splits, cracks and overall damage.


Galvanized_Rain_GutterGalvanized Steel Rain Gutters


  • Galvanized steel and aluminium are nearly identical when it comes to durability, but galvanized steel gutters are better at resisting dents.
  • Thermal warping isn’t an issue, which makes galvanized steel better in hot or rapidly changing environments.
  • You won’t damage these gutters by resting a ladder against them. The same can’t be said of aluminum gutters.


  • Though both materials resist rust, galvanized steel will rust faster than aluminium. You have to maintain these gutters by constantly checking the zinc layer. Finding holes in the zinc layer can be difficult, which makes these gutters even more susceptible to rust.
  • This is a fairly heavy material, which makes it harder to install than aluminium. Most do-it-yourselfers would rather work with aluminium due to the weight difference.

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