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Seamless Copper Rain Gutters


On-site copper fabrication

Copper gutters are a popular alternative to other types of seamless metal gutters. Homeowners make the decision based on copper’s two major advantages: aesthetics and longevity. Rain Gutter Pros is proud to be a leader in copper gutter fabrication, installation, and repair in greater Los Angeles area.

Key Features Include:

  • Evolving range of colors, from gleaming metallic copper to old world patina
  • No leaks associated with seams in sectioned gutters
  • Less clogging
  • Durability and longevity

Seamless Copper Gutters

On older homes, gutters were installed by fitting together smaller pieces to make a whole. This process creates seams that reduce the gutter systems structural integrity and create clog points that result in more frequent need for cleaning. In recent years, the technology to fabricate seamless gutters to the exact specifications of each project has become available. Rain Gutter Pros is proud to be one of the only gutter and roofing companies to wholly own the equipment required to make seamless copper gutters and roofing in Southern California.

Available in box style or half round, copper can visually complement a range of architectural styles, from Spanish Colonial to Modern.

Copper Gutters are:

  • Easy To Install – After comprehensive measurements are taken, custom sections are then welded onto predetermined points on the house’s infrastructure.
  • Durable – Copper gutters may be higher priced than aluminum alternatives, but they’re proven to last much longer than aluminum and other metal rain gutters.
  • Quality Look and Feel – Copper gutters add an undeniable air of class that sets a home apart, increasing its curb appeal as well as market value.

A gutter is one of those overlooked pieces in the home – until it wears out. For a rustic look that changes with time, give us a call about the aesthetic and practical benefits that seamless copper gutters can give your home.

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