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Los Angeles Water Conservation

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Why Aluminum Rain Gutters?

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Spanish Colonial Architecture: A California Tradition

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Prepping your Rain Gutters for the Fall

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How your Gutters will Help you Sell your Home

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Common Gutter Issues

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Why your Gutters are a Home Investment

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How to Use your Rain Barrel Water

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Copper Rain Gutters

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Rain Gutters History

The earliest known rain gutters are from the Indus Valley civilization, dating back between 3000 to 1500 BC. Made from burnt clay bricks, these gutters were fashioned into a water-based


Rain Chains

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Making Seamless Copper Rain Gutters

Real time video of Rain Gutter Pros creating a seamless copper rain gutter on-site in Los Angeles. Check out our video

Measuring and Cutting Copper Rain Gutters – Part 1

On-site work with rain gutters in Los Angeles. Check out our video


Measuring and Cutting Copper Rain Gutters – Part 2

On-site work with rain gutters in Los Angeles. Check out our video


Connecting Copper Rain Gutter Angles

Completed on site by Rain Gutter Pros Inc in Los Angeles, California. Check out our video


Rain Chain Video in L.A.

Video taped at end of rain chain installation project in Los Angeles, CA. Check out our video


Happy Holidays to Everyone

We would like to wish you Happy Holidays, check out our special video


Rain Gutter Material Comparison

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(Funny) What’s inside a Rain Gutter?

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Happy Halloween

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New Gutter Infographic

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How Often Should Rain Gutters Be Cleaned?

Experts suggest that rain gutters, even seamless models, should be cleaned at least once per year. In cases of extreme weather or numerous trees surrounding the roof, rain gutter cleaning should be done more often.

Why Is Cleaning So Important?

1. The debris in rain gutters can cause clogging, which may then leave water to settle in the infrastructure of the roof and other areas of the home. This is especially true if the roof is not sloped.

2. When rain gutter cleaning is conducted, running a hose or power washer through the system helps to determine leaks early on – before extensive damage is done.

3. Cleaning the gutters often or during recommended timeframes helps to decrease the possibility of excessive mold forming around the home, and seeping indoors.

4. In colder climates, clogged rain gutters can cause trickles of water to seep into the heating system of one’s home. Don’t wait until it’s too late to clean, call a rain gutter cleaning and installation professional in your area.

This chore can also be completed by an expert roofer or rain gutter expert, given that the danger of slipping from such high distances is extremely common. A professional will usually have the expertise and tools required for safety.



Rain Barrels

Rain barrels are conveniently placed at the tip of the downspout from rain gutters, to collect water when the rain falls. For the maximum benefit, use seamless rain gutters, which feature no cracks or connections.
There are additional options to drill a hole in the down spout, which can be closed off during colder climates.
A hose is attached to the barrel, where it can be conveniently turned off and on, based on the customer’s preferences.

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Now Offering Rain Chains

Think outside the box – of traditional rain gutter systems, and look into gutter rain chains. These are artistic copper chains that serve the same purpose of the downspout – without looking the same.

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Website Launch

Rain Gutter Pros is proud to announce the launch of our website. We are happy to provide local rain gutter services to the entire Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties.

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